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What is Go

Go is an open-source language built by Google. It was design with simplicity in mind. It is a compiled language, with static typing, garbage collection, great tooling, excellent concurrency primitives and a robust standard library. It compiles blazingly fast, and cross-compiles to all major platforms with one command. With Go, you get roughly the speed of C/C++ with the development proficiency of Python (minus the GIL).

See also Go by example and the Go book.


Golang Montréal’s mission is to promote the growth of a lively and dynamic community of Go enthusiasts in Montreal and its surroundings.

Golang Montréal aims to disseminate knowledge about the language and to promote its use.

Golang Montréal promotes Free and Open Source Software, encourages contributions to Free Software projects and publishes its software and creative assets as open source.


We have regular meetings consisting of several short presentations followed by a longer main presentation.

Attendance is free and open to all. Our sponsors often allow us to have snacks and drinks to foster a climate where discussions are welcomed and appreciated.

We will often present concepts in layman terms and as such our meetings will cater to people of all skill set levels: newcomers as well as experts.


Current organizers are:

Code of Conduct

Golang Montréal’s meetups abide by the Golang Community Code of Conduct.

Incidents related to Golang Montréal’s activities will be handled by the organizing team reachable at team@golangmontreal.org.

Partners / Sponsors

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