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Golang Montréal is a group of users of the Go programming language.

Our goal is to build a strong local community by putting together programmers, project leaders, artists and service providers.

Our main events are the Golang Montréal meetups, some mini-conferences that occur each 4 to 6 weeks. They take place during week-day evenings, and usually +last about 2 hours. They feature talks from 5 to 45 minutes that cover a broad ranges of subjects and cater to people of a wide range of skillsets: newcomers to experts.


We attract Go enthusiasts, beginners and advanced alike. We expect around 30-50 attendees at each meetups. The startup community is also well represented - it seems Go have taken some ground there.

Why sponsor

Golang Montréal is strongly committed to providing value and exposure for our sponsors. Sponsorships help us keep the events free of charge: a key point in our success.

By sponsoring Golang Montréal, you will:

  • Foster the growth of a healthy local community;

  • Make yourself known to top programmers, lead developers and very smart people who might be interested in working for you — now or later;

  • Gain visibility for both recruiting and promotion of your product and services: banners, quick introduction, etc.;

  • Increase your profile in this very smart community of leaders in their field.


Mention in all blog posts and mailings x x x
Banner displayed at meetup x x x
Logo and link on https://golangmontreal.org x x x
Logo and link on http://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/GolangMontreal/ x x x
Duration* 1 month (or 1 meetup) 3 months (or 3 meetups) 6 months (or 6 meetups)
Price $300 $750 $2000

* whichever is longest.

Custom plans

We’re eager to work with you on ideas for unique and unconventional sponsorships. We are always happy to work with innovators and local leaders.

If you have a service or a product that you can provide for the event, we’ll evaluate your contribution and you will by entitled to the full privileges of the corresponding sponsorship level. Interesting contributions could include gift certificates for your products, refreshments, technical books, consulting time, or audio-video equipment rental.

Partners / Sponsors

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